New England Association for Asian Studies Conference

Call for Proposals
New England AAS, October 17,2020

We are pleased to announce a call for papers for this year’s New England regional meeting of the Association for Asian Studies. The conference will tane place at the Univeristy of Vermont on Saturday, October 17,2020, from 8:45 – 7 :30. The call is open to topics related to any issues in the study of Asia, across disciplines. We are open to variety of session styles, including individual papers, roundtabl discussions, and panel proposals. Session will be 90 minutes. We are perticularly interested in providing opportunities for advanced doctoral students to presents the outcomes of their research.

Proposal for individual papers or roundtables should 250 words, and include name, title, and contact information.
Proposal for panel should be up to 400 words for the panel, and 200 words for each individual paper. They should include name, title, and contact information for each penalist.

Proposal will be due June 5, 2020, and can be upload through the website for the conference. Respon will be returned by the end of July.

It is our hope that this conference will take place live at the University of Vermont. Given current conditions, it is of course impossible to guarantee that this will be the case. Therefore we will be making contingency plans for the conferenceto go virtual should need arise.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact Thomas Borchert, director of Asian Sutdies at UVM (

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