unas-Rector of Universitas Nasional, Dr. El Amry Bermawi Putera, M.A., with students and faculties from Universitas Nasional who will join  a Joint Summer Program with Catholic University of Daegu, South Korea, from August 16-24, 2015.
unas-August 6, 2015: Vist from Minan Uniersit, P.R. China.
unas-August 5, 2015: Vist from Dr. Gareth Davies, Managing Director of Aquatera Environmental Services and Products and Ms. Nathalie. Dr. Alan Owen and Dr. Nia Garniati from CUSP (Center for Understanding Sustainability Practices),  Robert Gordon University, UK, accompanied Mr. Davies to visit universities and sites in preparation for the  upcoming joined workshop between RGU and UNAS with the support from Newton Fund on Decenteralized Sustainable Energy for Wider Indonesia  - Towards Energy and Security Independence in Neo Awana Hotel, Yogyakarta, Octover 20-22, 2015
unas-Ade Aryuningsih Arifin, a student  from Indonesian Department participated in Global Leadership Development Program in Far East University, South Korea, from June 22 � July 17, 2015. The program gives students opportunities to meet other fellow international and Korean students and study together.
unas-Meeting between researchers from Universitas Nasional, BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) and Rutgers University.
unas-Faculty of Engineering and Science UNAS conducted a  Public Lecture on Seabed Research for Marine Ernergy conducted by Dr. Alan Owen, the Director of Center for Understanding Sustainability Practices (CUSP), Robert Gordon University, UK. (May 11, 2015)
unas-Center for Primate UNAS and Rutgers University collaborate to hold a one-day seminar on Biology Nutrition for Life which took place in UNAS Auditorim with speakers from UNAS, Rutgers, Sydney University, and LIPI. (May 11, 2015)
unas-School of Graduate Studies held an international conference inviting Prof. Janet McIntyre-Mills from Flinders University.
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unas-Public lecture on Marine Energy
29 May 2015, 16:09 wib
As part of the collaboration between Center for Energy and Resources Management (CSERM) Universitas Nasional and Center for Understanding Sustainability Practices Robert Gordon University, a series of public lecture has been conducted since 2014.
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unas-Biology International Symposium
29 May 2015, 16:13 wib
Center for Primate Univeritas Nasional and Office of International Cooperation in collaboration with Rutgers University conducted a one-day symposium on May 11, 2015 under the theme: Biology Nutrition for Life.
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unas-UNAS E-Journal Training
28 May 2015, 14:38 wib
In strengthening Open Journal System program, UNAS held a three-day training, April 8-10, 2015, in collaboration with SAESOFT Team.
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unas-Sustainable Energy Workshop
29 May 2015, 16:12 wib
Center for Energy and Resources Management UNAS and Center for Understanding Sustainable Energy Robert Gordon University will conduct an international workshop in October 2015.
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unas-Visit Korea
29 May 2015, 16:11 wib
Exchange Summer Program to Catholic University of Daegu from August 18-25, 2015 is opened for 2nd and 4th semester students.
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unas-UNAS opens applications for  students to attend Summer GLDP (Global Leadership Development Program) and Fall semester in FEU (Far East University), Korea in 2015.축하배우기chugha baeugi!
19 May 2015, 17:06 wib
The selection of the students are based on their GPA >3,5; TOEFL score >550; students? achievements, and interviews conducted in English.
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