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unas-Meeting between researchers from Universitas Nasional, BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) and Rutgers University.
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unas-Universitas Nasional and Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies signed a Memorandum of Understanding to established a Double Degree Online Program.
15 Feb 2016, 09:10 wib
The Program that will start in 2016 will firstly focus on Korean language. Students of Korean language will have to get a minimum of 70 credits from their home university before continuing to take 70 credits from CUFS.
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unas-안녕하세요! Universitas Nasional and Catholic University of Daegu
15 Feb 2016, 09:09 wib
Korea increased cooperation in conducting the Dual Target Training for Korean Language and Culture.
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unas-您好 Universitas Nasional signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Minan Normal University, P.R. China.
15 Feb 2016, 09:07 wib
The cooperation boosts exchange of students between the universities, including other Asian and European universities, through the Winter Program, January 10- 16, 2016.
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unas-Language Course
30 May 2016, 19:55 wib
Language is one of the means to connect the dots! Language is a bridge between cultures! Mastery of language affords remarkable power! Let's join the language courses in UNAS to support your study abroad program.
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unas-Are you interested to spend some portion of your study abroad?
15 Feb 2016, 09:26 wib
Attend the meeting conducted by Office of International Cooperation for students of Universitas Nasional on February 19, 2016.
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15 Feb 2016, 09:24 wib
There will be Korean games, Korean cooking, Korean mask dance, and more ... in Universitas Nasional
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