Graduate Programs

Political Science

The Graduate program in Political Science in Universitas Nasional is a pioneer in conducting a master program on political science in the private university in Indonesia. The program offers a wide range of modules in the areas of local politics and regional autonomy, Indonesian foreign politics, economic development and industrialization, and Indonesian business and politics. The program’s particular strength in the study of Indonesian politics is supported by such topics as political theories, comparative politics, political thought, political development, culture and Indonesian political thought, world politics in Indonesia, and theories of political economy. Supported by the Center for Political Studies and Community Development, the modules emphasize analytical thinking and research skills and encourage its graduates to develop the ability to analyze and conceptualize solutions to the micro and macro political issues in Indonesia.

Public Administration

The Graduate program in public administration provides the opportunities for undergraduates from a variety of disciplines to analyze and conceptualize solutions to social problems and recommend them as public policies. The program offers two areas of expertise: public policy and local financial administration. Both areas are supported by a wide range of topics such as the study of regional autonomy, management and performance measurement, the process and formulation of public policy, analysis of public policy, management of public policy, political economy of development, financial management and budgeting of the regional government, regional policy and finance, and strategic management in the public sector. As the nexus of public administrations and politics, these topics are supported by theories of public administration, theories of organization, theories and issues of development, and leadership and organizational culture. Overall, the program emphasizes the ability to design effective regional government in managing regional resources to improve the welfare of the people.

Management Science

The graduate program in management science offers four area of expertise: marketing management, financial management, operational management, and human resources management. The programs involve investigation, development and application of solutions to real managerial and organizational problems and knowledge of the industry and functional business area. The modules in the program are supported by middle range theories on micro and macro economics, management, operational management, marketing management, human resources management, and econometrics. These modules are supported by colloquiums and emphasize rational and technical abilities to analyze quantitative data to support accurate management decision and ability in data processing and interpretation in finance, operation, marketing, and human resources.


The Law Graduate program is dedicated to improving the quality of competency on fundamental legal issues. Undergraduates from a variety of disciplines are trained to understand legal theories and methodologies and conducted researches in connection to economic affairs and legal reformation. Criminal law and business law are the major area of studies offered in the program covering a diverse range of topics. Criminal law includes international and reformation of criminal law, criminal court system, court policy, comparative criminal law, sanction in the criminal justice system, criminal law in economic activities, human rights in criminal court process, criminal law convention on corruption, and legal advocacy. Business law concentrates on international trade law, Islamic economic law, corporate and bankruptcy law, consumer protection law, investment and banking law, bail law, intellectual property, capital market and stock market law, arbitration and alternatives for conflict solution. Both area studies are aimed to produce legal experts able to solve legal problems in social and professional life.


The Graduate Program in Biology has been developing more functional framework for research and teaching in the fields of biosciences and the environment and for their societal influence and interaction. The program pays special attention to the improvement of environmental quality and the equilibrium between the utilization and conservation of natural resources in the context of improving the quality of human life. It has two field of concentrations, conservation and environment biology, and biodiversity and community.