Vision and Mission

Vision :

Making Universitas Nasional a dynamic and progressive institution with a strong commitment to national development.

Mission :

Building national and international networks to expand and deepen cooperation in the development of science, research, technology, and culture that are beneficial to the interests of the nation and state and a more prosperous and just world order;

Quality statement :

Producing graduates with competence and commitment to the aspirations of the nations.

Quality policy :

The Rector and faculty members of Universitas Nasional  are committed to producing graduates with quality standards that meet the expectations and needs of the stakeholders by :

  1. Developing and implementing quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008 and SPM-PT (Quality Assurance System – Higher Education).
  2. Improving the competence of human resources in academic disciplines, management, and entrepreneurship.
  3. Enhancing performance through the achievement of quality objectives.