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Doing Internship In Japan, A New Experience

Going to Japan is the most memorable and enjoyable experience for me

My name is Achmad Rezza,  an UNAS student  majoring in Japanese Literature.  I took part in an internship program in Japan for 3 months from January to March, at a ski resort called Manza Ski Resort in Gunma prefecture, Japan. My duties  were as a staff of ski equipment rental and winter equipment sales. I found them challenging and enjoying as I have to deal with the customers, who are Japanese, and it challenge my skill in using Japanese language directly with the native speakers, to improve it better and better. At my working place,  I am the only Indonesian, but  I don’t feel lonely because all are good to me, the co- working mates, the environments, as well as the other students from other countries who took this program. They are good people, who  help me to adjust at working,  and outside of work as well.  I made a good friend with one of the interns from Vietnam. I experienced lot of new things while doing this short-internship program such as learning Japanese culture directly, seeing and touching the snow, and of course skiing, they are really fun for me!

For this opportunity, I would like to thank you very much to the Enjin Corporation, Ms. Hitomi and Mr. Takeshi, who help me a lot,  also to all my sensei (s) of  Japanese Literature Study Program and of course to UNAS  for giving me the opportunity to join this program.  This experience will always be the most memorable and enjoyable for me.

 Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu

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