Undergraduate Research Internship Scholarship, Master of Science and Engineering at KAUST

This internship scholarship is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students to undertake a short three to six month research internship at KAUST. It depends on the chosen research project. The scheme is called the Visiting Students Research Program (VSRP). Selected applicants will later conduct research under the direct guidance of faculty mentors based on the area and research project being applied for. In total there are more than 150 research projects available.

Applicants’ requirements include undergraduate or postgraduate students in the fields of science and engineering. Then the research proposal is in accordance with the study program taken.

1. Third year of undergraduate studies (S1) or above or master’s students (S2).
2. Cumulative GPA (GPA) of 3.50/4.00 or 14/20 equivalent to ECTS B
3. Strong spoken and written English skills. Recommended level: minimum IBT TOEFL score of 79 or IELTS 6.0

Application documents: 
1. Official academic transcripts from current or previous colleges (in English)
2. Letter of recommendation
2. Valid passport
3. Statement of purpose
4. Curriculum vitae (CV)
Applications for research internship scholarships from KAUST are made online at the KAUST VSRP website . Create an account and complete the online form. Next, login and upload all the required application documents above in the account that has been registered.
Upon registration, your scholarship application will be reviewed and can be contacted by faculty staff for a Skype interview discussing your academic, research background and learning more about your internship interests.
If selected for the next stage, you will receive another invitation for a scheduled Skype interview with the campus Admissions Office, where they will discuss any questions you may have about life at KAUST and hear more about you .

If approved, you will receive an email acceptance letter from KAUST. Then the travel advisor will contact you to assist in relocating to the KAUST campus.

Applications for VSRP internship scholarships at KAUST are open throughout the year. Applications are currently being accepted for internships commencing on 1 July or thereafter.

For more information: Visit https://vsrp.kaust.edu.sa/contact-us
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