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Visit from ICIT, Heriot Watts University, Oarkney, UK


On July 25, 2022, the Center for Sustainable Energy and Resources Management (CSERM) at UNAS received senior lecturers from the International Center for Inter Island Technology (ICIT) in the Oarkney Islands and Heriot Watts University, Prof. Joanne S. Porter and Dr. Mark Hull and Flora, doctoral students to explore cooperation on Blue Energy and Blue Economy which includes renewable energy development (onshore/offshore), marine renewable energy, island-based innovation, socio-economic and marine energy regulation, and blue energy market for supporting blue economy activities in Indonesia.

Attending the meeting Dr. Sugardjito, Head of CSERM, Agung Iswadi a doctoral student at Heriot Watts University, Dr.Gadang Priyotomo from LIPI Brin; Dr. Kumba Digdowiseiso, Dean of FEB; Dr. Novi Azman, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science; Dr. Vekky Repi, Vice Dean of FTS; Dr. Bhakti, Deputy Dean of FISIP; the lecturers of Dr. Ajat Sudrajat, Dr. Farhamsyah; and CSERM staff Siti Holisoh, M.M., Dra. Nyoman Elly Swandayani, Himawan Sutanto, S.E., and M.A. Inez Saptenno, M. Li

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