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Universitas Nasional (UNAS) has been developing partnership as part of the strategies to transform itself from a teaching into a research university. The Implementation of the collaborations has been in joint degree program, student and faculty exchange, collaborative research, collaborative publication, conference participation and collaboration, and collaborative thesis advisors. These strategies are implemented to as the materialization of implementing the three duties of higher education in Indonesia in teaching, research, and community services.

In the process of its inbound and outbound programs, Office of International Cooperation (OIC) UNAS has begun its strategic program on preparing students and faculty staff to participate in international student and faculty exchanges, joint degree program, double degree program, visiting scholars’ program, joint conferences’ program, joint research and publications programs.  UNAS has hosted international students to learn Indonesian language and culture and has sent students to take 1-2 semesters in its partner universities. As a private university that develops department of Indonesian language and culture, UNAS has been successful in accommodating international students to take short courses on Indonesian language and culture and in developing joint degree program with Indonesian language as the medium of instruction.  UNAS has also begun sending its students and faculty staff to study, teach, and conduct collaborative research with its partners’ universities.

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