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24 Jan 2017, 17:15 WIB
Call for applications for foreigners for Hungarian state scholarships to conduct research in the academic year 2017/2018
01 Dec 2016, 09:23 WIB

Call for applications for foreigners for Hungarian state scholarships to conduct research in the academic year 2017/2018

Call for applications for foreigners for Hungarian state scholarships
to conduct research in the academic year 2017/2018
Tempus Public Foundation offers scholarships for foreign higher education graduates, lecturers
and researchers who would like to gain further knowledge in Hungarian higher education
institutions, research or art institutes.
Applications by citizens of relations that have a valid educational work plan or a bilateral
agreement signed by the Hungarian Government or the Ministry of Human Capacities and the
relevant ministry of the given country or territory are entitled for the scholarship. Information
regarding the application procedure, internal deadlines and the pre-assessment and shortlisting
of applications is in the scope of duties of Tempus Public Foundation and the responsible
department of the national/territorial ministry of education. Applications nominated by these
offices take priority. Applications submitted directly to Tempus Public Foundation shall also be
Thus, applications may be submitted in the following two ways:
1) As a nominee of the sending country?s national scholarship organisation, based on the
bilateral agreement of the two countries (independently from the applicant?s
nationality)Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, France,
India, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Marocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yemen.
2) Independently from the sending country?s national scholarship organisation, the citizens
of the following countries may apply:
Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazilia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Danmark, Egyipt,
Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korean
Republic, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, the
Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA.
For short-term research (3-29 days) applicants holding at least a master?s degree may apply.
For long-term research (1-10 months)applicants holding at least a master?s degree may apply.
(Doctoral students may not apply, they may apply for Partial studies.)
Foreign citizens with an immigration/ settlement permit or in the course of applying for
such a permit in Hungary, or dual citizens
Foreign citizens with permanent residence in Hungary
Foreign citizens employed on a permanent basis as defined by the Hungarian Labour Law
Students in employment applying for part-time or correspondence study programmes
For all types of state scholarships applicants must be over 18 at the time of submitting the
application. There is no age limit.
Scholarships offered by Tempus Public Foundation allow for studies in any field of arts or
sciences at an accredited Hungarian higher education institution, or for research at a relevant
Hungarian organisation based on an acceptance letter.
At most one application can be submitted for long-term research (in case of several
applications, the last one will be considered as valid).
In one application cycle applicants may obtain maximum two state scholarships as long as the
two scholarship periods do not overlap. Applicants should indicate their order of preference in
the online application.
In case of receiving different simultaneous scholarships covered by the Hungarian state,
applicants are not eligible for the state scholarship.
For the same period only one scholarship by Tempus Public Foundation may be used.
Scholarship-holders must stay in Hungary during the entire period of their studies or research,
excluding school and bank holidays.
Scholarships have to be implemented during the academic year 2017/2018 and must be
finished by 30 June 2018 at the latest.
The granted scholarship can only be used within the utilization period indicated in the call, so it
cannot be postponed to the following academic year.
To modify the starting date within the utilization period can be arranged after receiving the
consent of the host institution under the condition that the scholarship holder informs Tempus
Public Foundation through its bilateral state scholarships officer (see Tempus Public
Foundation?s contact persons according to the countries of origin here:
In case the applicant cannot or do not want to use the scholarship within the period approved by
the decision of Tempus Public Foundation, a new application for the following academic year has
to be submitted. The applicant is requested to inform his/her Tempus Public Foundation through
its bilateral state scholarships officer by email, as well as the host institution, without delay (see
Tempus Public Foundation?s contact persons according to the countries of origin here:
Vis maior
The scholarship holder is entitled to interrupt/finish the scholarship due to a vis maior situation
occuring during his/her scholarship period. In this case, the scholarship holder has to inform
his/her Tempus Public Foundation bilateral state scholarships officer by email, as well as the
host institution, without delay (see Tempus Public Foundation?s contact persons according to the
countries of origin here: http://tka.hu/international-programmes/4127/bilateral-statescholarships).
After being informed about the vis maior situation, TPF will fix the extent of the timeproportional
reimbursement of the grant and will inform the scholarship holder accordingly.
Applicants should submit their applications only in the online system of Tempus Public
Foundation (www.scholarship.hu).
Please note that we can only accept complete applications submitted before the deadline
through the online system. Applications submitted via post or e-mail will not be accepted.
Before starting the online procedure please read our Online Application Guide carefully
(http://tka.hu/international-programmes/4133/information-for-applicants )
Deadline: 30 January 2017, Monday 11 pm
Please note that applications with formal errors and incomplete applications
will be automatically rejected.
Please keep your USER ID and PASSWORD
used for registration as you will need them later on.
Note: Applicants applying under the work plan system should submit their applications and
required documents to the organization responsible for scholarships in the sending relation, too.
These scholarship offices or responsible ministries work with individual deadlines. Applicants
are advised to contact the responsible organisation of their sending relation as soon as possible
so that the given relation can officially review, rank and nominate the applications to TPF.
The Hungarian party evaluates applications nominated and ranked by partner offices, as well as
individually submitted applications and it examines the applicants? eligibility.
It is followed by a formal assessment by Tempus Public Foundation. Formally correct
applications will be evaluated by external independent experts along the professional
requirements listed in the Call for applications.
Preference is given to applicants nominated by their sending relation in the selection procedure
if they reach at least 15 points in the course of professional evaluation.
Any kind of undue influence on the professional evaluation or the application procedure cause
immediate exclusion from the selection procedure.
Scholarships are granted by the Board of Trustees of Tempus Public Foundation in the name of
the Minister responsible for education in Hungary. The list of successful applicants will be
published on the website of Tempus Public Foundation in the course of May-June 2017.
All applicants (in case of nomination the national/territorial partner offices, too) will be informed
of the final result of the application (awarded scholarship/waiting list/rejection) electronically
(in special circumstances, by post, too) by Tempus Public Foundation. At the same time
successful applicants will be provided with information concerning the terms and conditions
needed to organise their stay in Hungary. In case of research, TPF informs the host institute, as
There is no appeal to the decision.
Applicants should submit their applications in the online application system of Tempus Public
Foundation (www.scholarship.hu). It can be reached and filled in in Hungarian and in English.
The language of the documents (eg, highest degree, language exam, certificate of student status)
to be uploaded in the online system can be Hungarian, English, French or German. If they are
not written in either of these four languages, their official Hungarian or English translations
must also be attached. Documents with the stamp and signature of the issuing institution on
letterhead can be considered as official, there is no need to have it translated by a translator
1. Application form of Tempus Public Foundation (downloadable from the online system). It
is an electronic document only, and after signing it, it shall be uploaded scanned.
2. Precise and detailed work plan ? minimum 1- maximum 5-pages long (according to the
work plan template)
3. Copy of highest degree/diploma (original copy and its certified Hungarian or English
4. Complete professional CV in Hungarian or English ? attached as a file (e.g.
5. Proof of Hungarian language proficiency required for the research programme (at least B2
knowledge, for example language exam certificate, or certificate (in Hungarian or English)
issued by the sending institution/workplace, foreign Hungarian institute or consul, or an
official certificate by the Hungarian host institution on the basis of previous cooperation);
In case the working language is not Hungarian, the host institution should declare it in
writing (in the Invitation Letter)
6. Publication list
7. Letter of Invitation issued by the representative of a Hungarian higher education
institution, research or art institute
8. Two Letters of Recommendation from two recognized experts in the relevant discipline
with original signature.
9. No more than a 3-month-old medical certificate issued by a GP of satisfactory health
condition for studies (no contagious disease) (original copy and its certified Hungarian or
English translation). No template available.
10. Copy of the picture page of ID card or passport.
Applicants for art scholarships must attach the following supplementary documents:
Fine and applied arts: documentation of 5 works of art (indicating the date of creating)
or the link of the webpage where the works are available.
Performing arts: records of performing 3 pieces of different styles or link to the
webpage where the records/performances are available.
The portfolio should be uploaded in the field ?Other documents? in the online system of TPF
(listing the links of the downloadable portfolio in a document).
Fine, applied and performing artists may be required by the host university to submit a more
detailed portfolio before being granted a scholarship.
Applicants to Liszt Academy of Music (LFZE), before preparing and submitting their
application, should contact the International Department of the Academy for detailed
information on specific opportunities and also ask for a Letter of Acceptance.
Contact: e-mail: Csallo.Edina@lisztakademia.hu, Phone: +36 1 462 4616
Postgraduate applicants:
Stipend: 80 000 HUF/month
Accommodation allowance: 70 000 HUF/month
Postdoctoral applicants:
Stipend: 120 000 HUF/month
Accommodation allowance: 80 000 HUF/month
State scholarships cannot be awarded at the same time with any scholarships granted in
parallel by the Hungarian state.
In case scholarship holders are granted another scholarship or get any other financial support
(wage) for the same scholarship period, they must withdraw their state scholarship.
The scholarship is meant to cover the living expenses of only one person, it does not necessarily
cover all expenses during the scholarship period, there is no further allowance or visa granted for
accompanying persons. In case of long-term research stays payment of the stipend will not be
effectuated immediately upon arrival to Hungary. Therefore scholarship holders are advised to
have a sufficient amount of money to cover their living costs for at least one month in Hungary. In
case of one-month or shorter stays, it is possible that their stipend may be transferred only a few
days before ? or after - leaving Hungary.
Apart from the above-mentioned costs, Tempus Public Foundation cannot ensure any other
allowance or support.
Travel expenses
Travel expenses to Hungary, within Hungary and back to the country of origin are not covered by
Tempus Public Foundation.
Entitlement to Healthcare Services
According to the rules of the European Parliament and Council Regulations 883/2004 (EC) and
987/2009 (EC), scholarship-holders who are citizens of either the European Union, EEA member
countries or Switzerland are entitled to healthcare services in medical necessity during their
stay in Hungary.
Healthcare services in medical necessity during their stay in Hungary are available for
scholarship-holders with the European Health Insurance Card (E111). Medical necessity is
determined by the physician who considers the given circumstances. Scholarship-holders should
obtain the European Health Insurance Card in their home country prior to the arrival to Hungary.
Further important information: healthcare services can only be provided ? according to the
equal treatment principle of the European Union - by those healthcare providers that have
contractual relations with the National Health Insurance Fund (OEP). The scholarship holder has
to cover the costs of those services that are provided by a private healthcare provider that has no
contractual relation with OEP.
Citizens of all other countries - who wish to stay in Hungary for more than 1 month - are covered
for medical treatment in case of sudden illness by the Hungarian party. This insurance does not
cover dentistry services, with the exception of urgent treatments. Health insurance covered by
the Hungarian party is only available for scholarship holders under the age of 65.
Scholarship-holders staying in Hungary for less than 1 month are required to make their own
arrangements for insurance coverage.
Scholarship-holders are required to submit an online professional report after completion of
their scholarship period. The report must be submitted within 30 days after finishing their
In case scholarship-holders fail to submit the report, they will be excluded from further
scholarship opportunities.
Workplan template: http://tka.hu/international-programmes/4133/information-for-applicants


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