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Research and community service are part of the three duties of higher education in Indonesia and have been implemented in Universitas Nasional  (UNAS) since its establishment in 1949. At first, these two activities were still under the coordination of each faculty and were carried out in the scope of each faculty concerned. To anticipate the dynamic development of activities that may go beyond boundaries of faculties and disciplines, these two activities are accommodated in a broader scope in the Research and Community Service unit.

The chief mission of Research and Community Service is to raise the quality level of human resources by means of well-directed researches so that the outcome of these researches can be used to fulfill public demand. In addition, research and community service activities accommodate and implement the outcome of researches as useful work dedicated to the public. Today, Research and Community Service forge faculty and students to participate in collaborative researches with universities and research institutes in Indonesia, the surrounding regions, the world over. In strengthening its research capacity, UNAS has developed researches in the areas of health sciences, science and technology, social sciences and humanities.

Supported by several research centers, research in health sciences focuses on medicinal plants and herbal medicine; research in science and technology focuses on biodiversity, primatology, agricultural engineering, nano technology, and ICT; and research in social sciences and humanities focus on democracy, governance, globalization, indigenous studies, poverty alleviation, language, literature, and translation

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