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5. System of Teaching and Learning in Far East University - Narumi Kartika Sari
Admin - 06 May 2020, 00:05 WIB
The teaching system in Far East University is good. I can say that because the Professors who teach in class always come on time. After that, they will check the attendance and he/she will call the name of students one by one. So they will know and see who is coming and who is not. Also every one hour, the Professor will give us break around 10-20 minutes, so we will not be bored when we learn in class. We cannot use our handphone during class. If the Professor knows or sees, he/she will admonish the student and there will be no excuse if the Professor sees it for several times. For the learning system from the students is very powerful. I can see from what they do since I got here, especially this week. From Monday 21 until Friday 25 in April, there is Midterm test. All students should study hard to get an excellent score for the test. The reason why I say they are powerful, it is because of Korean students. As I see this week, they really study hard, they study until around 3 a.m in the morning. After eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they will study all day. The main thing is they really don?t like if they want to study but the situation is noisy. I think that?s all the differences between Far East niversity and Universitas Nasional. That is why I say system of Teaching and Learning here are good and powerful.

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