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6. Daily Life of Korean Students - Dea Aulia Kartini
Admin - 06 May 2020, 00:05 WIB
The daily life of Korean students is interesting. In the morning, the students who live in the dormitory eat breakfast at 8 o�clock and then they prepare themselves to go to class. They always go to class before the professor comes to the class. At lunch time, they eat lunch together with their friends in the cafeteria, lounge, park, or convenience store. After that, they go back to their class, which ends around 4:20 pm. Some students go back to their homes in another province, and other students go back to the dormitory. After dinner, some students have an English class such as TOEIC class and tutor class at night. After the class ends, they gather with their friends in the park or lounge. They often order some food, like fried chicken, and they talk about their day while eating chicken. Before 11 pm, they go back to their rooms because the dorm manager will check the rooms at 11 pm, and all students have to be in their rooms by then. The dormitory door will lock at 11 pm, so nobody can go outside after that. Korean students usually sleep late because they study and do their homework until 2 am. So, that is my view of the daily life of Korean students, which is very busy but still interesting.

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