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Rutgers University Study Abroad Program.
12 Mar 2014, 13:55 WIB
unas-Rutgers University Study Abroad Program.
Rutgers University Study Abroad ? Program narrative ?Primates, Ecology, and Conservation in Indonesia? Dr. Erin Vogel and Dr. Rob Scott, Department of Anthropology.
- Purpose of the program in terms of program subject matter on site is critical. Be sure to include desired length of program; class size; and class meeting schedule.
- Relationship, if any, to other Rutgers study abroad programs in the host country and in the subject matter area. Specifically address: a) opportunities for cooperation with other Rutgers programs and departments (or those of other universities) in the locale, and b) potential undesirable consequences of competing with established Rutgers programs for interested students.
- Provide an overview of the types of and degrees to which field trips, host-institution faculty, and aspects of the host culture and environment will be woven into the program, and courses. Indicate nature and level of contacts already made. If you plan to use host country faculty/speakers, please detail who they are and their qualifications/credentials.
- Describe plans for incorporating foreign language coursework into the program, if applicable.
- Include a brief description of program environment and logistical arrangements that address issues of health, welfare, and security of students.
- Detail possible logistical arrangements, including student housing and meals, classroom space, and educational excursions.
- Specify minimum, as well as desirable, student qualifications for participation in the program.
- Estimate likely student enrollment initially and in subsequent years, and a plan for student recruitment.


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