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Three-Year Diploma Program

English Language

The three-year program offers three-in-one modules that relate English to information technology and business. The modules prepared the graduates to have English language competence for tourism, export-import, translation, and teaching.

Korean Language

The three-year program began in 1987 as Center for Korean Studies, as the result of collaboration between Universitas Nasional and the Embassy of Korea. In 1995, a three-year diploma program in Korean language was opened with the support of graduates from Hankuk University, Yonsei  University,  and Seoul University, and also the Korean Embassy, Korean Research Foundation, Korean Inter Cooperation Agency, and Korean corporations in Indonesia. The program prepares Korean language competence students to work in Korean corporations in Indonesia and abroad.

Mandarin Language

The three-year program prepares modules for translation/interpretation, business, tourism, journalism, and public relation.


The three-year program offers two area studies: hotel and tour and travel. The program in hotel industry provides inbound modules that include house keeping, front office, food service, food production, bakery and pastry, and bartender and outbound modules covering table manner in five-star hotels in Jakarta and comparative studies to hotels around Indonesia.  The program in tour and travel offers inbound modules in ticketing and reservation and outbound modules covering city tour, tourist destinations, airport, and tours around Indonesia.


With the aim to produce professionals in accounting, the program provides courses that train students of financial accounting standard.


The three-year program provides modules that prepare the graduates to work in automotive industries in Indonesia and abroad.


The three-year diploma program prepares students to master computer programming Logic and Algorithm, expertise in Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system, assembling installation and computer networking, computer security, intranet and internet, and managing information. In connection to database management systems, students will be taught to improve skills on data inventory, windows and linux database, object-based JAVA programming, distribution technique of database management, graphic design, and development of image coding and data communication. In management information, the program offers courses on economics, accounting, insurance and accounting software.

Four-Year Diploma Program


The four-year diploma program prepares students to have competency as midwifery and ability to teach the subject in university. Equal to an undergraduate program, graduates from the program can continue to get their master degrees in all fields of study.
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