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First Asia Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences
Annisaa Nurrahmah - 25 Apr 2014, 16:40 WIB
Dear & Esteemed Colleagues,
Warm greetings!
We are extremely delighted to inform you that the First Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences is being organized by the Global Business Research Journals (GBRJ) from 1-3rd August 2014 in Singapore.
You are cordially invited to submit your research manuscripts/case studies in all areas of business. In addition to paper presentations and discussions, the conference will include special invited lectures on contemporary topics in business.

Important Dates!

Abstract Deadline (250 words) : May 20, 2014
Communication of Acceptance : May 31, 2014
Full Paper Submission Deadline : June 20, 2014
Last Date for Registration : July 10, 2014
Conference Dates : 1-3 August 2014. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Conference Objectives!

Global Economy
Since September 2008, the global economy has been facing many issues and challenges in the form of economic turmoil, geo-political challenges, massive job cuts&income disparity (social risks), fiscal crisis (economic risks), climate change (environmental risks) among others. The good news is that, of late, the tangible steps initiated by the respective governments, particularly, the ones severely hit by the economic downturns and debt crisis have been showing symptoms of recovery. For instance, the Federal Reserve has already started withdrawing �Quantitative Easing� (QE). Consumer spending is improving in the US and employment data is highly encouraging. European economies have been slowly stabilizing barring a few giving sufficient indications to believe that the global economy would surely be on the growth trajectory, very soon. Climate change is yet another challenge being faced by the World economy and many countries have placed greater emphasis and focus on sustainable and renewable energy resources which are obviously very important steps in the right direction.

The Future is Now!

So, this is the right moment for the economists, policy makers and governments to make an introspection of what went wrong in the past and take all necessary measures to look forward to the future with a greater sense of confidence and implement appropriate measures to create wealth for the investors and generate huge employment opportunities for the youth. These measures have to be taken with no further delay as delays might cause social unrests and jeopardize peace and stability of global society.
Against this backdrop, the First Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences (AP14Singapore Conference) is being organized in the vibrant city of Singapore. This conference provides a platform to academicians, scholars, researchers and industry practitioners to share their insights, views and research findings with the fellow academicians/industry experts from different parts of the World.

Specific objectives!

More specifically, this conference makes an attempt to:
a) Provide a platform for academicians/scholars, practitioners and researchers to suggest suitable methods and measures to bring the global economy on the path of progress and prosperity;

c) Chalk out appropriate steps to introduce credible measures so that the different segments of the global economy such as markets, manufacturing and services sector witness massive improvements in a sustainable manner;

d) Ensure that the institutions and governments work in a coordinated manner so that the gap between the have�s and have-not�s is eliminated in the long run; also,

e) Suggest appropriate methods to provide continued growth, prosperity and higher standard of living to the global citizen in a much more sustainable manner.

For more information please visit the event website:

Office of International Cooperation
Universitas Nasional, Selasar 2nd Floor
Jl.Sawo Manila, Pejaten, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta 12520
Phone: (+62-21)-78848152
Fax: (+62-21)-78848152
Email: oic@unas.ac.id
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